Shopping & Cooking Class at Local Supermarket/地元スーパーでお買い物&お料理教室

Shop together at a local supermarket and cook and eat together!/地元スーパーで一緒にお買い物して、お料理を作って食べましょう!

In addition to overnight stays, our guesthouse also offers cooking class tours. Let’s go shopping together at a local supermarket in the neighborhood and cook and eat local Tsugaru cuisine together using ingredients you have bought or seasonal ingredients we have prepared in advance.


  • 【時間】10:30~14:00 / 15:30~19:00
  • 【料金】6,600円/人(食材、料理教室代) 2名~5名
  • 【予約】利用日の14日前までにお願いいたします。
  • 【お申込】お電話でお願いいたします。 0172-53-9031
  • There is a large local supermarket a 5-minute walk away, so we go shopping together on foot.

  • Vegan dishes are also available.

  • Spicy Asian dishes are also acceptable if desired.


Menu of the day/この日のメニュー

  1. イガメンチ Deep-fried minced squid
  2. 人参の子和え
  3. なすの紫蘇巻
  4. 菊納豆(黒石納豆)
  5. なす漬け
  6. キャベツときゅうりの浅漬
  7. きゅうりの胡麻和え
  8. ジャガイモの味噌汁
  9. 焼きホタテ